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Professional container builder for 25 years reveals his secrets and teaches you:

Hello my friend,


I’m a professional builder and have been using shipping containers in many various projects over the last 25 years. I’m also a designer, I can help you visualize an amazing container home thats also easy to build. Function and brilliant design are my main goals when taking on a new project.


“There Are Many BenefitsOf Container Homes”

I noticed about 5 years ago the interest in shipping container homes sky rocketed. This is because people a realizing the huge benefits to this method:

Now It’s Time For Me To Bring Your Dream To Reality. After All This Time In The Building Industry I’ve Been Asked Countless Times To Help Others Build Their Own Container Home.

I’ve Always Been Worried About Others Doing Work Like This But After Helping A Few People I Knew It Was Something I Loved To Do.

And Finally After Many Years Of Experience, I Have Created A Simple To Follow DIY Guide To Building A Container Home.

Since My Reputation Is On The Line, I Leave No Stone Un-Turned! Here’s What You’re Going To Lean With My Build A Container Home Construction Manual:

As you can see, this is extremely extensive. You will not find this level of detailed information anywhere else. Not in the library, not in other Online guides, not You Tube, nowhere!

"The Most Comprehensive And Up To Date Construction Guide Available."

Customers from all over the world are thrilled with the quality and level of detail in my container construction guide. Take a look at what they’re saying below:

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When You Join Today, We Will Donate 20% Of The Proceeds To C0VID Relief Fund



In this book, you will find detailed information in more than 180 topics about container home building process, container home design, how to plan, design and build your own container home and everything and more you will need to know about container homes.

It is a do it yourself and architectural design reference book for converting recycled cargo shipping containers into green homes and buildings.

With our books in your possession, there’s virtually NO LIMIT to what you can build.

You will find everything you need to know about building your own container home, with step by step and detailed explanations.

You don’t have to face the difficulties that we have faced when building our first container home years ago!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying the wrong materials, or ruining everything and have to start all over again.


This is a 550+ page full color digital book showcasing the most amazing 60 shipping container home plans and projects from all over the world, including the ones that have most influenced the container home market.

All of these amazing container home projects are given with plans, either as floor plans, or as 3D Models; plus hundreds of full color exterior and interior photographs as well as construction shots for each home showing the layout of the containers.

Before designing and making your own project, it is always good to check what other people did. Imagination and creativity works in mysterious ways. Other people might have come out with amazing ideas which may change your life completely.

Contents: 60 amazing projects:✔ 22 Different SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME FLOOR PLANS AND INTERIORS✔ 38 Different SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME PROJECTS with plans (either as floor plans, or as 3D Models) with hundreds of photographs of interior and exterior views and construction shots.

Total over 550 pages.


This is a 280+ page full color digital book showcasing total 60 shipping container homes from all over the world.

You will find lots of inspiration from other peoples projects. You will have hundreds of full color detailed photographs of each home, including both exterior and interior views, which will help you design your new home (or start your own business) with lots of interesting ideas.


This is a 56 page book, consisting of a real life experince of a person who built a container house with her friends.

You will find everything in detail, about her thoughts and theories to practice. It will be helpful for those who has never built a container house before, and who is planning to do one especially at minimum cost. You will find what difficulties she faced and how she solved the problems, with step by step explanations.

With “BUILD YOUR OWN SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME, STEP BY STEP COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE” plus this “MY FIRST CONTAINER HOME” book in your possession, there is no limit for you.

Don’t postpone your dreams. You can start building your own container home now!


We will give you this amazing software which we use for our work.


There are many free softwares in the market, and it is really difficult to find out which one to use, which one is the best and so on… Thus we want to save you from this frustrating search too!


This is an amazing home design planner application, which helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D. It is one of the best 3D modeling application available and will help you cut down on the guesswork. You can plan all of your rooms, including kitchen and bathroom or office. You can design not only the interior, but also the exterior of your home, your garden, the swimming pool, etc.. It helps you design everything you can think of about a home.

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When You Join Today, We Will Donate 20% Of The Proceeds To C0VID Relief Fund

That’s right we are donating 20% of the proceeds to support low-income individuals and families at imminent risk of homeIessness organizations

We are a non-profit organization registered under the section 502 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. RenewedFuture aims to work towards providing cost-effective and innovative inexhaustive energy solutions to marginalized communities across different regions of the world.

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