The bald eagle Big Bear Baby needs a name. How to enter the naming contest – Press Enterprise

As a feisty eagle, whose arrival was livestreamed from a nest near Big Bear Lake, watched by thousands of viewers daily, the nonprofit that runs the webcam has opened a contest to give the fuzzy kid a name give.

“The chick is now starting to move around the nest bowl with ease, (parents) Jackie & Shadow had better be ready, this one seems active and curious!” Friends of Big Bear Valley announced Tuesday 15th March , posted on his Facebook page.

The remaining egg, now more than 48 days old, will not hatch, officials say.

It’s not known if the chick is a boy or girl, so gender-neutral names would be best for the contest, which is a fundraiser for the group.

From the names received, 35 will be drawn at random and submitted to the local third graders for a vote. All participants enter to win prizes.

Entry fee starts at $10 per name and decreases for additional entries. The competition ends on March 25th.

Visit for more information.

San Bernardino National Forest officials reminded other fans or Eagleholics Anonymous members that the area around the nest is closed to the public.

Watch the Eagle cam live at


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