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Bless her heart, Heather Dubrow tried, she really tried her hand on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Wednesday night.

But it turns out that not even Heather’s best intentions and her very good wine cellar Dr. Jen Armstrong’s marriage could help.

Heather is happy to help. At the beginning of the episode, she showed up at Gina Kirschenheiter’s house to help her tidy up her closet and figure out her personal style.

But Jen and husband Ryne? Not so easy. You didn’t communicate well. And while Jen has shared her feelings about it with Heather and the rest of the cast, the show makes it seem like Ryne mostly shares his feelings with Mr. Puppers the Chihuahua.

So Heather decides to throw a little dinner party for Jen and Ryne to show how other couples interact.

It’s not going well.

Ryne, whose most notable trait in his first season on the show is that he almost never wears a shirt or shoes, has no idea what’s in store for him, Jen confides to a confessor as their driver follows them to Heather and Terry Dubrow brings home. which is behind not one but two guarded gates.

“I just said we’re going to eat at Heather’s and I asked him to get dressed,” she says.

They ring the front doorbell and before there is an answer, Ryne wonders why Mr. Puppers couldn’t come too.

“Who doesn’t like that dog?” he asks himself.

Inside, Heather deals with a devastating menu error: someone printed menus for guests with the chopped salad first and the amuse-bouche second when everyone knows the amuse-bouche comes first, right?

“I like it when things are the way I imagine them to be,” she says to the camera. “So this could bother me all night.”

Spoiler alert: it does.

Inside, the Dubrows are amazed when Ryne asks for a plain glass of tap water that he has never had a drop of alcohol in his life.

“Marijuana? Cocaine? Heroin?” asks Terry Dubrow. No, no and no.

Ryne, who seems uncomfortable, wore a nice pair of dress shoes, although his unseen low-cut running socks have Heather raising eyebrows for the first time in several.

Two more couples show up, friends of Heather’s, fitting the theme of the Couples For Jen and Ryne to Emulate dinner party. As everyone sits down to dinner, Jen seems to have something to drink.

“Jen is hammered,” says Heather to the camera. “I like to see Jen letting go, but the more relaxed Jen is, the more introverted Ryne becomes. Poorly. Bad bad.”

Someone calls for a toast and Jen jumps up to obey.

“To the lingerie,” she begins. “It might not be the best thing in the world, but it’s the closest thing to it.”

There is a quiet pause and looks are exchanged.

“Oh dear,” says Heather.

Jen asks Ryne to “angle” his chair a little towards her. Ryne tucks his napkin into his shirt as the steak and onion rings arrive.

It’s not going well.

We’re almost to dessert when a new wine is served. Jen quietly whispers to the caterer, “Can you fill up? Every time.”

Ryne’s had enough and they’re the first to leave. On the drive home, Jen asks to cuddle in his arms, which he allows her to do, although he then strikes up a conversation with the driver about his daily cardio routine.

Inside, the three other couples are all making a show of talking about how funny Jen is and how nice Ryne is.

“Yes, but let’s be honest,” says Terry. “They are a mess.”

Everybody is laughing.

Here’s what else we saw in this week’s episode:

— Noella Bergener visits her friend Keni shortly after a virtual divorce mediation session.

“We were in two separate rooms at the end of a very long hallway,” she tells Keni, who – thank God – is serving the first sausage platter we’ve seen in weeks.

For her part, Gina is her usual refreshing self. Just a few weeks after admitting she has sex dreams of Heather’s massive walk-in closet, complete with a button to request champagne, she makes sure Heather knows it’s not the same here.

“I don’t have a champagne button in my closet, so we have to open our champagne here,” says Gina in the kitchen, where us mere mortals usually open our champagne.

“That’s perfectly fine,” replies Queen Heather.


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